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Guru's Ark - sailing the seas of freedom and robust health.

We are in the middle of a revolution.

More than at any time in history normal people have the tools and information to redesign their lives. Bottom-up information and knowledge is pushing back and overturning top-down misinformation. This is happening in all areas.

The information revolution can positively impact you in two ways:

-  Improving your health

-  Helping you escape the rat race

I believe my knowledge and information can help you.

I'm a normal person, from a normal background - I've been a world-ranked athlete and have been lean and healthy all my life. If you check my twitter you will see visual proof of that. I am not a young guy who *thinks* he knows about training and exercise - I have long-term experience.

Additionally, I haven't needed to be employed for 30 years, not because I made millions but that escaping 'entrapment' (as I view employment) is the result of having the  appropriate mindset and philosophy.

If you're not certain of my 'qualifications' please check-out my other Gumroad products: Anaerobics, Gang Fit & 'Guru's bookshelf'

Ask me anything about health, exercise, high-intensity training, competitive training, nutrition, escaping full-time work, living your preferred life, and becoming 'unemployable'.

Send me an email with an your questions. We'll then arrange a time for a video call (no time limit).

I can help you live a healthier life, and go towards what you want. Much of this is done by elimination; eliminating things which harm your health and which make you miserable. There is no need to spend your life doing what you don't want to do. There is no need to suffer from sub-par health. Going towards your preferred lifestyle gives life meaning. It is transformative.

Come onboard Guru's Ark - the new way of living. Free, healthy & independent - as life should be.

I want this!

Guru's Ark - Video Consultation

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GURU'S ARK - Health & Lifestyle Video & Email Consultation

2 ratings
I want this!