World Class Fitness: The 3 keys to the Kingdom of Speed, Fitness & Muscular Endurance

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World Class Fitness: The 3 keys to the Kingdom of Speed, Fitness & Muscular Endurance.

This short but powerful PDF will take you to peak physical fitness by concentrating on just three specific qualities.

After 40+ years of exercise and training, I have hit on an outrageously simple exercise formula for life-long health that I want to share with you.

I realised that the totality of real fitness advice boils down to developing three key areas. Developing these areas will turn you into a high-level physical specimen – dynamic, resilient, and enduring. This is not bullshit, I promise it. Just put it into action and you’ll see for yourself.

Nothing meaningful comes without effort, YOU have to put that in, but I make it straightforward for you. I show you what to concentrate on and why it is important for living a supremely fit and healthy life.

The training outline is simple, you might think too simple, but that’s only because you’ve been conditioned into thinking you need a sophisticated program that looks like a work of art. It’s time to burst that bubble.

This program is leg-based (maybe not in the way you think) as legs are the foundation of real dynamic health, especially as you age. Working your legs appropriately uitilises all your energetic systems.


The benefits are life-changing, you will...


- Develop a powerful heart

- Produce strong and tireless legs

- Develop lower-body power

- Combat sarcopenia and dynapenia in your locomotion muscles

- Improve the efficiency of your cardio-vascular system,

- Cause mitochondrial biogenesis.

- Expand your capillary network.

- Improve the transport and utilistion of oxygen around your body.

- Boost your metabolic health

- Boost your brain health

- The list goes on and on – system-wide positive outcomes

The most important effect for you long-term is it will slow-down or even reverse the trajectory of aging.

Research contradicts the common belief that muscle mass and strength decline as a function of aging alone. Instead, these declines may signal the effect of chronic disuse rather than muscle aging. Literally, 'use it or lose it'.

If you are over 40 this will be literal rejuvenation for you. If you are younger, you will feel better than ever.

The ‘secret’ is that the way for you to boost your fitness and health is to become a high-level generalist, not a specialist. All fitness bases covered. I believe this will take you (even if you think you’re only average) into the top 1% of your age-group. This is because most people are either unfit or they don’t work all three areas.

I would never give you something I don’t do myself. I am doing this, it works. I feel fantastic. You will too. It doesn’t matter your body type or current level of fitness. Make a start, you’ll improve. I’ve made it simple for you. Yes, you've got to put in effort, but come on, don't be lazy!


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World Class Fitness: The 3 keys to the Kingdom of Speed, Fitness & Muscular Endurance

10 ratings
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